It all started back in 1945 when a local family of Jaipur who had expertise in handcrafted textiles, started their own shop and named it “Jaipur Art Factory”. The idea was to take inspirations from the traditions of Rajasthan, Jaipur in particular, and promote them through the technique of hand-block printing.

Hand Block Printing is the earliest, simplest, and slowest of all printing process, however is capable of giving high artistic results, many of which are simply unobtainable with other printing methods. Hand Block Printing units flourished in the town of Sanganer since 18th century.

Since the bygone era, Jaipur has been the home for innovative craftsmen. Jaipur’s rich heritage and its unique colorful culture and traditions has quietly inspired the artists and craftsmen to make “art” that has been receiving appreciation from around the world.

Jaipur Art Factory started its first shop in Sanganer in 1945 and over the decades, it has grown from just being a “shop” to a place where training of the techniques is being imparted and innovation in design takes place everyday.

Early 70’s marked the initial years of Jaipur Art Factory entering into International market. We started shipping worldwide, and our products received similar fascination in other countries as they did in India.

Jaipur Art Factory is now generating employment for 100 plus craftsmen. Holding high the values of Craftsmanship & preserving the ancient art of Block printing to its truest form are things JAF deeply cares about.

To keep the tradition alive, it is important, sometimes necessary to contemporize it. JAF has always been passionate about teaching young people art form of hand block printing, so that they can keep improvising on it and help it become a sustainable economic source for thousands of artisans.