Snapchat is an out-of-the-ordinary app and it’s impossible to find another app with all its features and functions. For example, Instagram, a photo app like Snapchat, has lots of face filters, and it’s also great for sharing and saving precious life moments. When it comes to self-destructing messages, Wickr Me is right up your street. And the good news is that you can add your own stickers to the app or use a ready-made sticker pack.

AR-powered lenses and filters are what make Snapchat so engaging, especially for the younger audience. Their collection is pretty wide, so Snapchat comes with almost unlimited opportunities to customize a photo, making it more attractive and attention-grabbing. Foreseeing how much did it cost to make snapchat your question about how to duplicate Snapchat, let’s take a look at its essential features that make Snapchat a one-of-its-kind app. Following the path of most successful startups, Snapchat was created by three fellow students of Stanford University in 2011.

It allows users to create personal accounts after registration, click photos, share them with friends, talk with others, etc. Snapchat is a social messaging application invented by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown in 2011. Users use Snapchat to share photos, videos, text, and stickers. Knowing that it has become a massive hit among youngsters is vital. Social media applications have become a vital part of our everyday lives.

Snap has developed a system that allows sellers to easily upload AR versions of their real products and users can just as easily discover these on Snapchat. In order to give parents more control over children’s actions on the platform, Snapchat has developed a family center feature. It works as a parent control with the possibility of parents seeing who their children are communicating with on the platform and friends they are adding. Parents can also directly report any account they find suspicious to Snapchat. However, they cannot set a time limit for kids to use the app nor see what exactly the children are talking about. Snapchat has analyzed the way users add friends and follow others, and has come up with a Snapcode feature.

  • It allows users to run large-scale advertising campaigns and transfers part of the revenue to the app.
  • It’s also important to create a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate.
  • The “Lens” is one of the most exciting features of Snapchat.
  • Self-destructing content is a custom feature of the Snapchat app that helped it become so popular among teenagers as well as college students.
  • Basically, it means that any pictures or videos or messages you send are available just for a short term before they become inaccessible.

Allow your users to share locations, explore nearby places, and know more about their neighborhood’s citations. Hence, we keep developing new functionalities on a daily basis to suit the ever-growing needs of the market. Also, we are always dedicated to providing our clients with the highest standard of service and technology. After designing, you will get your prototype, which will be sent ahead for the development process for the product.

What features make Snapchat so unique?

If we take an average price of $45 per hour, we get an approximate cost from $900 to $6,300. The QA team would test your app to identify the bugs and resolve them to deliver a bug-free app. Controlling your app’s look and feel has never been easier with nandbox. Or at the bottom of the screen for Android and iOS devices or have a customized screen in the place where you can easily install buttons and links on each screen.

The top NFT games play-to-earn have already won the hearts of game lovers, and hence… To comprehend the market growth structure, a market study is crucial. It’s essential to research your competitors to find out their marketing techniques. An analysis of the measures you should take and avoid will be given to you if you thoroughly understand market and competitor research. In 2021, Snapchat made $4.1 billion in revenue, an increase of 63% year over year. While losing more than $500 million annually, Snapchat only generated $3.4 million in revenue in 2014.

Lenses like rainbows are augmented reality elements users can add to a snap so it looks like it’s part of the photo. This feature turns Snapchat into a phone alternative, allowing users to make audio and video calls. In addition, users can send audio and video notes to their friends just like usual snaps.

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Because a secure and scalable backend platform is necessary to run apps smoothly. Build an interactive booking native app for iOS and Android, create GPS-located events, and sell tickets using our fully integrated booking system. Lastly, a good and experienced developer is vital as his location and expertise also influence the development of the app.

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The trick is to find a feature that will make your app unique. It is critical to know that the development duration of the clone app of Snapchat will take between 10 months to 15 months. However, you must know that the project duration, app complexity, app size, and platform type are some factors that will vary the cost of developing an app like Snapchat. When creating an app like Snapchat, hiring the best software development company is crucial. Development team skills and expertise will help you launch the best app, like Snapchat. As the table above shows the time taken into account to develop these designs and algorithms, now you have an idea about the cost of video chatting app development like Snapchat.

The work scope can be easily carried out in different phases and can be completed in a very quick manner. But this will include a skilled team of developers working on various aspects and platforms. However, everything totally revolves around what the customer is looking for. If you want more complex features – development time and cost can increase or decrease based on all the requirements that you may have. According to Bloomberg, there are over 10 billion video views daily.


The starting point was the words of Frank Brown who once mentioned it would be great if the photos he was sending to his girlfriend could disappear after viewing. Evan Spiegel, hearing his statement, decided the idea was worth considering. Snapchat was the first one of its kind, that’s why it managed to attract an audience of youngsters. And, as experience shows, this very audience is able to provide explosive growth in the number of active users.

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In this article, I will be giving a few details about the snapchat app development cost, time, features and functionalities to build an app similar to Snapchat. As an efficient alternative, we recommend checking our white-label solution that allows to significantly reduce the time and cost of chat app development. It has all the most necessary feature modules to build chatting apps starting with $30,000 for an MVP. At the same time, it’s fully customizable which means we can add all the unique features you need and create a custom design for your product. The NineHertz is a leading mobile app development company that can help you build an app like Snapchat.

How can I monetize an app like Snapchat?

But after that you’ll have a ready-to-launch market product. You can be sure that we’re ready to createa seamlessly working social media appas our team builtParta – the video conferencing app. It is an innovative audio and video conferencing application. It unites all the best conversational apps’ benchmarks and brings them to the new level. To make an app like Snapchat, you have to conduct a research first.

create app like snapchat

And for that purpose, a team of QA engineers like the Avengers comes to the rescue. They execute a set of app testing activities in order to find and eliminate technical errors and ensure the high quality of the final product. Geofilters are filters that can be used only in specific places based on your geolocation. To make this work, you’ll need geocoding, that is a process that modifies coordinates into a location description.

A snap is both a photo the users make and the corresponding feature, from the technical point of view. This is the core feature of Snapchat that allows users to share instant photos with their followers. The snap will disappear immediately after being viewed by the recipient.

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The digital platform of nandbox empowers businesses, communities, and individuals with multi-tier solutions to facilitate communications at all levels. Its centralized architecture enables solid integrations with back-end systems, payment and API gateways, and external applications. Development of mobile application/ web/blockchain started using latest tools and technology with transparency.

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If you have an idea to create social media app or cool messenger for the young tech-savvy generation, we recommend learning from the best and get inspired by the best ideas. For instance, why not learn how to make an app like Snapchat?! Its high ratings and popularity prove that this app meets its reputation. We know that when you decide to proceed with an idea, you will have questions. So, contact our technical expert to solve all your queries. Before creating a mobile app like Snapchat, let’s explore what the actual application is made of and what are key features of a Snapchat-like app worth considering.

The idea of self-destructing pictures beat all the expectations. The new app managed to equalize the strengths of all three social network giants and create something absolutely unique. Certainly, your app wouldn’t be huge right from the beginning as every venture needs some time to gain success. Once you decide to build a Snapchat-like application, you need to dive into the features needed for your messaging app. So, let us have a look at the features offered by Snapchat.

Let’s take a closer look at the features Snapchat has brought to the world. Clipchat is one of the apps like Instagram and Snapchat. Critiques have brushed this app aside by calling it a clone of Snapchat. And some might even think so because it has similar features to Snapchat.

Lastly, The Cost to make an App like SnapChat depends on a good and experienced developer is vital as his location and expertise also influence the development of the app. It can be assumed that the answer to Cost of mobile app like SnapChat would come somewhere around $45,000 to $60,000. There are a number of factors that can increase or lower the numeric answer to Cost to develop SnapChat like app. Our company offers you all support and the team is always ready to answer every query after deployment.

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The tech stack of your app is going to determine whether it is going to be as awesome as Snapchat or not. So before you think about how to develop an app like Snapchat Android or iOS, check out the tech stack of Snapchat to see what you need to make your app as cool as Snapchat. So if you are thinking about using this model of photo sharing/chatting then make sure to add fun effects and stickers to it. With help of a machine learning algorithm, the app analyzes users’ behavior, builds an algorithm to offer personalized recommendations and the most interesting content.

This function usages your locale to scan other users in your propinquity who too have Add Nearby accessible. The app directs the devices systematizes to the server, the server in its turn links the geolocations of gadgets with the Add Nearby screen unbolted. The app places the promotion content in the Discover section. At present, the app is affiliating with around 20 big-tag publishers, such as CNN, People, and Cosmopolitan. When visiting KFC, app users resuscitate access to the Colonel Sanders lens filter, which shots users into the silver-maned colonel himself. From the beginning, Snapchat owners didn’t care about making money.