But still, communication is essential, especially in the remote work environment. A candidate with average technical skills but with good communication, analytic thinking, and time management can, at times, be as valuable as highly technical candidates. Efficient recruitment starts with building a hiring funnel. A hiring funnel allows recruiters to visualize all the steps in the recruitment process, beginning from attraction to the final hire.

The developers I was paired with were incredible — smart, driven, and responsive. It used to be hard to find quality engineers and consultants. However, you can hire the right developers at the right time if you follow the suggestions above.

How to find a developer for your startup: Key steps

After the hard skills test, only 4% of the candidates remain in our talent pool — and we start looking for a job for them. Our clients can hire a programmer online, choosing from a pool of professionals. Of course, the most important thing in any programmer is their expertise. Before you hire developers, you should check their hard skills. Most companies do this through technical test tasks, so make sure to prepare a technical assignment beforehand.


So, what questions will help you evaluate soft and hard skills of developers? Any relationship between a company and an outsourcing provider is built on trust. But you should be careful not to hand over sensitive data to the software company, as this could create problems for your company.

What You Should Look for in a WordPress Developer

If you’re managing your tech team yourself, however, I recommend bringing in a trusted unbiased tech advisor to help you make these decisions. Using this model, contractors calculate the amount of work and bill for the entire project at once. On the one hand, such a model motivates the timely delivery of the finished project and provides the product owner with the opportunity to navigate the timing and budget immediately.

dedicated developers

As for development companies, you can find them on specialized portals like Clutch, tech conferences, or through agencies that find companies matching your business requirements. There are several options for hiring developers for a startup. You can mix and match hiring models depending on your startup’s results and market success.

Larger enterprises usually have a steady find developers for startup process and defined operations, while startups wade through a constant stream of unknown changes and pivots. It is imperative that startups are equipped with a great team of software developers, and they can only do so when they hire candidates with the right skill and experience. We believe hiring offshore app developers is the best way to get your app development requirements fulfilled.

The Hub is the #1 recruitment platform for Nordic startups, offering career opportunities for global talents.

A dedicated team usually does not cooperate with full-time programmers, so it is important to properly distribute tasks and responsibilities and maintain communication. You are fully engaged in recruitment, and the responsibility is all yours. If you hire a programmer on staff but then realize that they do not fit in your team, you will have to fire them and look for a new developer. On average, it takes companies about 39 months to hire developers from US tech hubs. While you can teach hard skills like programming languages, you can’t do the same with soft skills.

Long commute lines, traffic jams, and other uncomfortable daily work issues often boost depression development. When you suddenly realize 4 hours of your day get lost on the road, there’s a strong desire for a teleport to be invented. Series A funding will scale your company into a late-stage startup. Once your project becomes a real business, however, you start caring about the overall impact of the tech as well as competition much more.


Before allowing them on their platform – verifying their skills with code exercises and gathering endorsements from previous employers. Remember, there’s no point finding an expert in Ruby on Rails if your project needs to be built in Node.js. MVP Builder Go to market quickly with a high-quality Minimum Viable Product.

What’s more, many freelancers in the low-budget segment don’t have the strong development skills necessary to develop complex solutions. Even if you manage to hire programmers for the startup, there is no guarantee that they will stick with you till the end of the project. IT is arguably one of the most competitive industries, with HRs poaching potential developer candidates from each other on a daily basis.

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Adjust Your AI Startup Dreams About Using ChatGPT Because ….

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In such a case, it’s worth looking into some other options. However, if your task is going to last long enough and include requirements that may change, a dedicated team is an excellent option to hire developers for a startup. It is essential to have a proficient team working on your project to make it successful. However, hiring developers becomes challenging when it comes to startups. The limited time and financial resources make the recruitment process more complex compared to large companies. If you’re curious to know how to hire developers for a startup, keep reading!

Hire programmers for startups remotely with no extra expenses on salaries, taxes, insurance, or training! With remote hiring, you can save this money for the future. This means it’s vital to teach yourself how to manage a remote team. Outside of your network, you can try your luck in the natural habitats of software developers online and offline.

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‘Quirky Tape Music instrument’ Chompi is a Kickstarter hit.

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Trading protracted messages is an obsolete strategy for project executives. Utilize current undertaking the executives, following, and coordinated effort apparatuses like Slack, Jira, Trello, and so on. Sadly, the developer may decline to deliver the code because of conceivable private matters.

  • They have an in-house talent of tech-savvy individuals that help non-tech startup founders hire the ideal developers.
  • The agency you have selected must be capable of dividing the various tasks of the development process into a series of sprints.
  • However, a dedicated development approach is not the best fit for small and short-term projects with strictly defined requirements.

There, specialists can pick up new skills, share their knowledge, and boost their careers. But besides that, it is also a talent platform, where startups can filter the right candidates or check them out in the Careers section. Finally, before hiring developers for startups, curate a list of must-have features for your future solution. If you focus on building a mobile app, you have to decide which platform it will work on. Different platforms require different software development toolkits and, consequently, hiring different specialists.