One thing to keep in mind as you begin trading this combination is that they don’t occur nearly as often as the traditional pin bar setup. However, when they do occur at a key level with a favorable risk to reward ratio, they are certainly worth considering. Most of the buy trades that were opened at a too high value of CCI were losing when trading “Inside Bar” trading strategy during 2010 – 2020.


Below are a few of the most important ones for inside patterns. An inside bar pattern is a multi-bar pattern that consists of a “mother bar” which is the first bar in the pattern, followed by the inside bar. An inside bar pattern can sometimes have multiple inside bars within the same mother bar.

Inside Day Exit

Be wary of patterns with both very large mother bars and large inside bars, these can often be difficult to trade due to lots of false signals and they make it more difficult to manage risk. An inside bar is much easier to take in a trending market because the odds are already in your favor for trading with the trend. The inside bar will many times lead to a breakout or continuation in-line with the existing trend direction. They can provide a good structure to try to pyramid your trade into a huge win.

Inside Days should never be used in isolation to trade trend reversals. However, Inside Days can form part of a reversal trading strategy. Many traders think of an Inside Day as a trend reversal signal. This approach makes sense when other factors support a reversal. The Inside Day is a unique price action pattern that offers a low-risk entry. Take advantage of this versatile pattern to trade retracements and reversals.

The chart below shows the daily prices of McDonald’s Corp . As this was a short setup, the existing bear trend was advantageous. Although this upwards pullback was complex and retraced more than previous pullbacks, the trend was still pointing down. The standard entry is to buy at the close of the third bar. This pattern requires three price bars, and the criteria for each of them are listed below.


The standard InSide bar has a small range and is “covered” by the previous candle. This standard candle tells the trader that there is indecision and low volatility within the markets. Ultimately, a strategy’s potency will stem from the trader competently reading price action and discerning the market state.

What is the Inside Bar Candlestick Pattern?

Keep in mind that the breakout candlestick must be a mother candlestick and it must have big body and small wicks. This inside bar strategy has been made by the combination of inside bar breakout and support/resistance breakout. This is a pure price action strategy, and it has a higher winning rate. This inside bar strategy is based on the fact that price decides its direction from key levels. But if there is an inside bar at the key level then it will make it easy to forecast the direction of the market. It is important to learn the structure of the inside bar pattern.

  • Not all breakouts are this strong, but this is a good example of a scenario when a range lead to a big breakout.
  • This formation that I am referring to is the Inside Bar pattern.
  • For those who are familiar with how I like to trade, you know that I’m a big fan of the inside bar as well as the pin bar.
  • Read on to learn more about how to spot, interpret, and trade the inside day candle.

You should consider whether you how to trade inside bar how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. CEO Valutrades Limited, Graeme Watkins is an FX and CFD market veteran with more than 10 years experience. Key roles include management, senior systems and controls, sales, project management and operations. Graeme has help significant roles for both brokerages and technology platforms. In this case, the right inside bar trading move would be to open a position on November 9, while the price is still within the range set by the inside bar. Of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider.

What Is The Inside Bar Candlestick Pattern & How To Trade With It

Had this breakout occurred above the high of the ‘preceding bar’ then this can signal a long entry indicating a potential reversal in trend. Trading against the trend carries more risk which leads to greater caution taken by the trader. There are reversal inside bars and trend continuation. If the price range of the inside bar is less than 50% of the mother candle, this is an inside bar for a continuation of the trend. Reversal inside bars show the intention to go in the opposite direction more clearly. One of the next few candles, the reversal inside bar breaks in the direction opposite to the direction of the mother candle.

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Cowen & Co. Downgrades SM Energy to Market Perform ….

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For more Inside Day trading strategies, refer to the following articles. They contain detailed examples of creative ways to trade the Inside Day pattern. There is a substantial risk of loss in futures trading.

Not a Strong Trend

You have to be prepared to miss the trade, but as we discussed above, the advantages of having momentum on your side to confirm the continuation of the trend shouldn’t be sneezed at. As with the traditional pin bar strategy, the stop loss should be placed above or below the tail of the pin bar. If the market reaches this area, the pattern is compromised and the setup is no longer valid. The entry and stop loss placement for the inside bar pin bar combination are very similar to that of the pin bar strategy. The second image shows a pin bar that closed above the inside bar’s high. This is still a valid pattern because of the strong close by the bulls.

Be careful trading the inside bar pattern with other indicators. Please note, that testimonials appearing on this website may not be representative of other clients or customers and is not a guarantee of future performance or success. A trader buy order upon an Inside Bar pattern during a downtrend.

You can probably make a case for the line being a support or resistance level. This is what a choppy price action signal might look like. As you can see, there were several large back-and-forth bars before this Inside Bar printed. The way that many traders use this type of Inside Bar is to enter on a break above or below the Inside Bar.

For instance, a triangle pattern can show up as a Double Inside Bar on a higher timeframe. Many traders define a breakout with the high and low of the parent bar. However, you can tweak this threshold, as we will discuss in the first example below. This trade setup serves to illuminate these concepts. These ideas are helpful not just for this setup but for assessing any trading strategy.

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The InSide Bars are not all equal in terms of size and range, and it is important to keep this in mind throughout your analysis. This will be explained further below in our What to look for section. Active traders interpret the inside day pattern as being a signal of consolidation. From a day trading strategy standpoint, this is ideal for range and breakout trading strategies. The inside bar is a two candlestick reversal or continuation chart pattern showing a period of market consolidation.

When the price exits the inside bar range, we expect that the price action will continue to move in the direction of the inside bar breakout. Here’s another example of trading an inside bar against the recent trend / momentum and from a key chart level. In this case, we were trading an inside bar reversal signal from a key level of resistance.

If you are looking to trade forex online, you will need an account with a forex broker. If you are looking for some inspiration, please feel free to browse my best forex brokers. I have spent many years testing and reviewing forex brokers.

We will reiterate these guidelines in the chart examples below. Failures are more reliable, but you might need to sacrifice the number of trades. Finding a pullback and decreased volatility with the inside bar. Making sure that the trend is your friend with the first higher close.

considered ‘the authority’

In some cases, it is difficult to understand whether the inside bar goes beyond the price range of the mother candle. You need to move the mouse over a candle or bar, an information window will appear with data on the minimum, maximum, closing and opening prices. The inside bar forex trading strategy is a ‘flashing light’, a major signal to the trader that reversal or continuation is about to occur.

However, it may not be sensible to rely too much on this pattern alone as it can give false signals. Instead, a more complete trading strategy is to use the Inside Bar with other technical indicators and good money management. The daily chart in particular acts as a natural filter and therefore produces cleaner price action patterns that can help put the odds in your favor. As a beginning trader, it’s easiest to learn how to trade inside bars in-line with the dominant daily chart trend, or ‘in-line with the trend’. Inside bars at key levels as reversal plays are a bit trickier and take more time and experience to become proficient at.

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